1. 21st C Leadership & Innovation

-21st century leadership & innovation: re-iMagine™.

-Enlightened leadership & conscious innovation.

-Integral consciousness-cognition-commerce: iC-3™.

-Mastering time, technology, & value creation/capital.

2. Value Leadership & Knowledge Economics

-Knowledge economics & management: maximizing returns on knowledge capital & financial Capital.

-Managing complexity & measuring intangible assets, intellectual property (IP), & technology asset value.

-21st C leadership & innovation academy & high performance management and elite sports leadership.

3. RealValue© Management, Marketing, & Metrics

-Triple impact company valuations, P/E multiples, share prices, market perceptions, investor & customer confidence.

- RealValue© management, marketing & metrics: eQuilibria© business & brand value data metrics scorecard & dashboard.

-Turning vision into value through profitable operational activity, strategic leverage, and sustainable corporate finance.

4. Knowledge Mapping & Energy Management

-Knowledge Mapping, energy mix management, knowledge gap analysis, & knowledge strategy formulation & implementation

-Energy trajectories (of exploitation, compensation, transformation), strategic options, & new innovative opportunities.

-Knowledge economic factors of production, carbon capture & sequestration, hydrogen economy, rare earth metals, 4IR 5G+ context.